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Alumni on Air: Humanitarian aviation with United Nations in a global health crisis

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

22 APR 2020 (WED) | 18:00-18:45

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Deaky Wong, Aviation Officer at the United Nations World Food Program


25 minute short interview, 10-15 minutes of Q&A for participants


While many parts of the world has been heavily affected by Covid19 and many businesses, services and operations in suspension, there is a team in Rome of Italy who are working very hard day in day out to arrange and deliver supplies around the world for this global health crisis. The UN World Food Programme not only provides food aid in humanitarian crises, it is also responsible for the logistics of delivering emergency supplies to affected areas, as well as many remote and isolated communities. We’ll be chatting to one of our alumni, Deaky Wong about her work with United Nations’ World Food Program as an Aviation Officer, the importance of logistics coordination and transport networks, and how she facilitates the movement of food and supplies across the world.


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