Year 2019

CHAN Lok Hin
CHAN Yuet Nam
CHEUNG Supakit
CHIANG Jenny Yui Nam
CHOI Pui Yan
GU Yingxi
HO Yi Ching
JIANG Ruijie
KONG Xianghai
KU Kerry
LAM Hon Chau
LAU Cheuk Yin
LI Hui Fung
LIN Zhihao
LIU Tung Yee
LUI Wing Yin
SHU Chang
SIT Chun Hin
SZETO Man Fung
WONG Chun Wa
WONG Ho Cheung Ivan
WONG Ka Chun
WU King Hoi
XU Ruifeng
YANG Xiaoyu
YIP Ki Fung

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Dissertation Title

Au Yeung Tsz Wai

How Can Safety Culture and Safety Promotion Improve the Safety Quality in Hong Kong Aviation Industry?

Chan Lok Hin

Catching the Flight along the Air Silk Road: A Case Study of Luxembourg

Chan Yuet Nam

The Feasibility of Fare Integration of Public Transport Services in Hong Kong

Cheng On Yu

The Impact of Mobile Real-Time Bus Arrival Information on Passenger’s Waiting Time Perception and Travel Experience

Cheung Supakit

Transport Policies in Hong Kong: Non-Motorised Transport

Chiang Jenny Yui Nam

Comparative Studies of Non-aeronautical Activities at Hong Kong International Airport and London Heathrow Airport

Chiang Man Wai

Comparison of the Safety Performance of Tram and Light Rail on Hong Kong Roads

Choi Pui Yan

Joining the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: World System Perspective

Gu Yingxi

A Case Study on the Last-mile Delivery of Fresh Food in the New Retail Environment

Ho Yi Ching

A Study of the Development of a Multi-Airport System for Hong Kong

Hui Shuk Yi

Assessing Transfer Penalty in a Multi-modal Public Transport City: A Case of Hong Kong

Jiang Ruijie

Evaluating Transit-Served Areas with Non-Traditional Data: An Exploratory Study on Wuhan Rail Transit Line 2, China

Kong Xianghai

The Development Prospects and Importance of Hong Kong from the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy

Ku Kerry

Prohibition of the Use of Electric Mobility Device in Hong Kong: Legal and Policy Issues

Lam Hon Chau

How Does Non-Aeronautical Revenue Shape the Development of Hong Kong International Airport?

Lau Cheuk Yin

Approaching the Public Transport: An Elderly View

Li Hui Fung

Minibuses in Hong Kong— A Review of Its Positioning in Hong Kong’s Transport System

Li Lu

Intermodal Transfers and Passengers' Travel Characteristics at the Hong Kong High-speed Railway Station

Lin Zhihao

Measuring and Improving Walkability in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Mong Kok

Liu Tung Yee

The Role and Future of Red Minibuses in Hong Kong

Lui Wing Yin

Age Differences in the Commuting Mode Choice in the U.S.

Sit Chun Hin

The Challenge of Expanding an Existing Metro Network: The Planning and Implementation of the Shatin-Central Link

Szeto Man Fung

Applications of Big Data in Transport: Opportunities and Challenges in Hong Kong

Tanuihusada Marlon Ives

A Study of Taxi Trips in New York City and Its Relationship with the City's Social and Economic Measures

Wong Chun Wa

China’s High-speed Rail (HSR) Technology Transfer and Spill-over

Wong Ho Cheung Ivan

A Study on the Provision of Emergency Ambulance Service in Hong Kong

Wong Ka Chun

A Review of Franchised Bus Regulatory Model in Hong Kong with Reference to Experiences from London and Singapore

Wong Ling

The Acceptability of Automatic Vehicles in a Virtual Setting— A Sociological Approach

Wu King Hoi

Hong Kong Stands Ready to Meet the Transport Needs of the Aging Population?

Xu Ruifeng

Development of the GuangFo Metro: The Economic and Environmental Impact to the Guangzhou-Foshan Metropolitan

Yang Xiaoyu

How Can Hong Kong’s Shipping Industry Benefit from the Greater Bay Area's Development?

Yang Yang

Evaluating the Social and Spatial Equity of Transit Fares: A Case Study of Hong Kong

Yeung Hiu Yiu

Travel Behaviors and Sense of Belonging of Students under Concessionary Transport Fares in Hong Kong

Yip Ki Fung

The Hong Kong Tramways (HKT): Its Function, Fame and Future in the City

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[ MATPP AGM 2000 ]

A Strong Supportive Network of Alumni

[ MATPP AGM 2010 ]

The Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning Alumni Association was inaugurated in December 2000. It was initiated by a group of enthusiastic and active MATPP alumni who aim to stay connected with MATPP students and graduates, keep abreast of transport development in Hong Kong and beyond, and promote study and research in transportation.

The association holds regular meetings, as well as organizes outdoor activities and visits to transport companies/infrastructure. Students/alumni may make use of these opportunities to broaden their horizons and share the latest developments in the transport sector with their fellow graduates.

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Chen Chi.jpg

Chen Chi


CLASS 2021

Studying the MATPP Programme is like a journey which is fulfilling, mind-enhancing and life-enriching. The multi-disciplinary studies give me fundamental knowledge on transport and up-to-date policy and planning in Hong Kong and worldwide. During my one-year study in the Programme, I got help and support from the professors, staffs, and met fellow classmates from different backgrounds, which brought me new insights and good memories. I also completed the dissertation for the Degree.

The MATPP Programme has not only enhanced my interest in the transport industry, but also granted me the opportunity to pursue and receive the scholarship award from CILTHK. I would highly recommend this Programme to anyone who wishes to enrich his/her knowledge on transport policy and planning.

Xiao Shiding.jpg

Xiao Shida


CLASS 2021

Choosing the MATPP programme is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. For students like me, who studied traffic engineering as an undergraduate, the MATPP programme has provided a broader understanding of transport from a macro perspective of policy and planning – especially thanks to the knowledgeable professors and experienced industry professionals. The well structured courses also offer a broad and in-depth understanding of transport planning and policy within a highly condensed period. While the learning and writing process of the dissertation was quite challenging, it was definitely worth it. I can assure you that anyone who signs up for this programme will find it enjoyable, rewarding, and worthwhile.


Loh Xin Ping


CLASS 2021

The MATPP programme provides first-hand knowledge and valuable insights into transport policy and planning, both locally and internationally. During my studies, I have acquired several handy skills such as basic statistics, GIS software, and research writing, which are essential for my future career development. As a final note, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my dissertation supervisor, Dr Yongsung Lee, as well as the teachers and departmental staff for their guidance and support throughout my studies at HKU.

[2021_FT] Sheik Maaz Milfer.jpg

Sheik Maaz Milfer


CLASS 2021

The MATPP course has enabled me to diversify my knowledge of the transportation industry, particularly for Hong Kong’s transport system. Coming from an aviation background, I believed that the technical knowledge and expertise I possess would be of utmost use in terms of succeeding in this course, and I was right! Moreover, the diverse nature of the modules enabled me to tap into different interests, focusing on aspects of law, management, and economics within the transport industry. I strongly believe that the MATPP course will provide me with excellent future prospects as a young professional.

[2021_PT] Tommy Chan.jpg

Tommy Chan


CLASS 2021

Never have I been so engaged, challenged, and fulfilled! The MATPP programme enabled us to meet professionals from many different backgrounds and provided essential training for researchers such as myself to develop multi-disciplinary thinking and skills. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all teachers, especially my dissertation supervisor, Dr Jiangping Zhou, for all the effort they have taken throughout my studies. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is passionate or interested in transport studies. Your dissertation will be a chance to research, take initiative, create knowledge, and address an important issue within your chosen discipline.

[2021_PT] Tommy Lam.jpg

Tommy Lam


CLASS 2021

Despite working in the transport industry for several years, transport to me two years ago was just another tool that I would encounter and use on a daily basis. However, after joining MATPP, I not only acquired practical skills in transport planning, but also learnt to appreciate the efficiency and excellence of Hong Kong’s transport system. This has greatly enhanced my knowledge and imagination of transport in general as well. Embarking on the MATPP journey has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. I have gained valuable academic knowledge through this experience, and have also formed great friendships with my supportive peers. If you are interested in learning about transport in depth, join the programme. By working hard and thinking critically, I am certain that you will receive the same rewarding experience as myself!



90% of our MATPP students were degree holders, with 78% holding bachelor’s degrees and 12% holding master’s degrees when entering the programme.

Educational Qualifications (1999-2021)* 

Notes: * Years refer to admission years. Data from 1997-1998 are not available.

MATPP students came from disciplines of various bachelor’s degrees.

Educational Background (1999-2021)* 

Notes: * Years refer to admission years. Data from 1997-1998 are not available.

Over 70% of our part-time students work in transport-related sectors when entering the MATPP programme.

Work Nature (1999-2021)* 

Notes: * Years refer to admission years. Data from 1997-1998 are not available.

60% of our part-time students already had four years or above working experience when entering the MATPP programme.

Work Experience (years) (2002-2021)* 

Notes: * Years refer to admission years. Data from 1997-2001 are not available.

Of the 474 completed dissertations up to 2021, 24% of them were on topics of “overall transport planning”, while the next two popular topics were “road transport” (20%) and “railway transport” (16%).

Completed MATPP Dissertation Topics (1999-2021)* 

Notes: * Years refer to graduation years.