Transport, Space and Equity - Transport in Support of Social Equity

10 JUN 2019 (MON) | 19:00 - 20:00

CPD-LG.59, LG/F Central Podium, Centennial Campus, HKU




Reader in Transport and City Planning


Institute of Transport Studies, The University of Hong Kong

Department of Geography, The University of Hong Kong


We are increasingly concerned with levels of social inequity in our cities and urban areas internationally. Transport is not the only contributor to social equity, but it can play a significant role in facilitating access to activities. Different transport systems contribute to differential travel experiences and impacts by socio-demographic groups, spatially and temporally.

This talk introduces a new edited book – The Elgar Companion to Transport, Space and Equity - which explores these issues and the differential impacts, relating transport to social equity, We use international case studies to explore the spatial and social equity impacts associated with transport systems, city planning and infrastructure investment. Contributions are made in 21 chapters, from 46 leading and newly emerging researchers, each addressing the issues from a particular angle or viewpoint. The book is organised around three main themes:

• Transport and spatial impacts

• Transport and social equity impacts

• Emerging approaches to socio-spatial equity analysis