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2024-2025 Syllabus

Core Courses  6 credits each

Survey and Data Analysis in Transport Studies

Transport and Development

Engineering for Transport Systems

Analysis, Modeling and Project Appraisal in Transportation

Research Methods in Transport Studies

Public Transport Systems

Transport Policy and Planning

Elective Courses  6 credits each

Transport Economics

Transport Law and Management *

Transport Field Trip *#

GIS in Transport Planning and Management

Statistical Methods for Civil Engineering

Global Logistics

Other Courses  Equivalent to 18 credits

MATPP Dissertation

* May be offered biennially 
# Students enrolling on this course have to bear the cost of air tickets, meals and accommodation.

Elective courses may not be offered if the class size is considered too small (e.g. less than five students). Some elective courses cross-offered by other programmes may have quotas for MATPP students. Details will be announced by the programme in due course.

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