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Beijing Transport After the Olympics

10 NOV 2011 (THU) | 19:00-20:00

Room 9, Library Extension, The University of Hong Kong.



Duan Li-ren Professor of Chang'An University

Professor Duan Li-ren is currently Professor in Transportation in Chang’An University in Xian. Before his retirement, he was Deputy Director-General of the Bureau of Traffic Management in Beijing. He has held a number of positions in national and regional institutions such as Beijing Transportation Research Institute, Chinese National Public Transport Association, etc. He was appointed as Advisor to the Beijing Olympics and was instrumental in proactively solving the transportation problems in Beijing during the event. Professor Duan is a friend of Hong Kong as he was the liaison window with the Hong Kong government during his tenure with the Bureau of Traffic Management.



The Beijing Olympics was meant to be a showcase for Chinese to the international community. China also took the opportunity to use the event as a catalyst to boost its own infrastructure. A lot of planning was made to ensure that the event could be staged smoothly and transportation planning was one of the important areas in the planning prcoess. Much efforts have been made to ensure new transport infrastructure are constructed, existing infrastructure are ungraded and traffic management schemes are in place to make the best use of the improved infrastructure. This paper examines the considerations in developing the transport package for the Olympics and assesses the effectiveness of the package during the event. It also examines the continued application of some of the traffic management measures after the event. The paper also covers the lessons learnt from Beijing and its relevance to other cities staging major events such as Shanghai (the World Expo), Guangzhou (Asian Games) and Shenzhen Universaide).


The seminar will be conducted in Putonghua.

Both English and Putonghua are acceptable during Q&A session.


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