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Characteristics & Basics of Ferry Operation

28 SEP 2006 (THU) | 19:00-20:00

Room 222, Hui Oi Chow Science Building, The University of Hong Kong.



Mr Tsang Wing Hang Former Head (Business & Strategic Development) NWS Transport Services Limited

Mr. Tsang Wing-hang was the Head of business & Strategic Development in the NWS Transport Services Limited, the transport arm of the New World Group. He was also one of the founding members of the New World First Bus Services Limited and New World First Ferry Services Limited. Prior to joining the New World Group, he served in various departments in the Hong Kong Government including the Transport Department, mainly working on traffic and transport matters.



Ferry operation is the process of moving people, vehicles and goods etc by vessels across a harbour or over a river or sea, generally for commercial purposes. Ferry services are essential for areas with travel demand yet where land and air transport are impossible or impracticable. With the advancement in technology and development of faster vessels, ferry operation has become more effective.

The modal characteristics of ferry operation are quite distinct from those of other public transport modes. While the requirements on seafarers and navigation aids are more or less standardized, the vessels are subject to dedicated design so as to suit specific operating environment. Apart from operating economic, the vessel designs are required to meet constraints arising from sea state, harbour condition and supporting infrastructures in the operating areas.

Ferry operation is subject to a comprehensive regulatory framework developed by the International Maritime Organization. First established in 1948 as a United Nation Agency, the International Maritime Organization has since then successfully enlarged its membership. Now it comprises 166 member states and there are around 40 conventions and protocols in force covering marine safety, marine pollution, liabilities and compensation etc for compliance of parties concerned.

In the talk, Mr. Tsang will first introduce the modal characteristics of ferry operation. He will then highlight the features of the operation of ferry services. Finally, he will discuss the regulatory framework and institutional arrangements relevant to ferry operation.


Organizers:Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning, HKU (MATPP)

All are Welcome!!


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