Transportation Logistics Management Operations, Strategy and Leadership

03 MAR 2006 (FRI) | 19:00-20:00

Room 222, Hui Oi Chow Science Building, The University of Hong Kong.


Mr Toby Marion Golden Gate Wine Co Ltd.

Mr Toby Marion began his Asian career as a science and engineering teacher in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan in 1972-74, followed by nearly 25 years with a multi-national oil company in over 10 technical and senior management assignments in Asia, from the Mid East to Australia, Japan, Thailand and greater China.

In 1999, Toby co-founded Hong Kong’s first logistics and supply chain consulting company, serving over 30 clients in projects ranging from Hong Kong and China distribution and marketing to food warehouse design and construction. In 2001 Toby became President, Asia, for a leading NASDAQ listed consulting company specializing in business execution and strategy implementation. Toby is active in the American Chamber of Commerce in HK as Chair of the Communications & Marketing Committee, and is a member of the General Committee of the Hong Kong Country Club. Toby holds a BS (Engineering) from Cornell University, an MS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a GDBA from the University of Sydney.


Based on his extensive background in logistics operations and consulting, Toby Marion will discuss the agenda for Hong Kong logistics. He will emphasize the necessity of developing excellent cost models and measurement parameters and of incorporating futuristic territory management. In strategy, he calls for a solid marketing orientation and for the incorporation of logistics planning in business decisions, emphasizing the use of models. In leadership, he shows the use of tradeoffs in an era of increasing competition and emphasizes the identification of critical decision variables in the formulation of corporate strategy and public policy.

Organizers:Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning, HKU (MATPP)

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