Activity-Based Travel Demand Modelling: the Stated Reference Approach

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

15 FEB 2000 (TUE) | 19:00-20:00

Room 222, Hui Oi Chow Science Building, The University of Hong Kong.


Dr D G Wang Assistant Professor Hong Kong Baptist University

Traffic congestion and car emissions have become important global environmental problems. Any solution to these problems relies on a good understanding of why people travel and how people make travel decisions. To this objective, travel behavior research has recently entered a new era of examining travel behavior from an activity- based perspective. The so-called activity-based travel demand modeling approach has thus generated substantial interests among researchers and practitioners. This presentation will first briefly summarize the state-of-the-art in this field of research and then report on the development of an activity-based model from experimental design data. The model examines individuals’ choices on activity engagement, scheduling and stop pattern formulation. The model is calibrated using experimental design data collected to examine the potential impacts of several policies recently proposed in The Netherlands. The modeling results show that although people prefer activity schedules involving less home-based tours, they do not prefer the combination of all individual trips into a single home-based tour. Further, it is found that individuals will change their activity engagement patterns only if government policies induce substantial changes in individuals’ time availability.

Dr Donggen Wang is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University. He holds a Ph.D. (1998) from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Dr Wang has been engaged in activity-based travel demand modeling for the past several years. His current research interests span activity-based travel demand modeling, stated preference methods and GIS-based location and transport modeling.

Organizers:Master of Arts in Transport Policy and Planning, HKU (MATPP)

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